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Update - college in what, 5 more days?

So i've been in Chico, California for the past 2 and 1/2's a really lovely town. Lots of trees! & just an hour out from Sacramento.

I took a whirlwind trip back to Abq my lost hometown for a day. That's right a whole day, last Saturday to pick up some stuff that we left behind. I also got to see my close friends again that night and just hang out - it felt good to be back with the group :)

But yeah, my parents move out here to California is going as well as anyone could ask for, thank God. I'm adjusting, i've become quite the adjuster.

I leave for Florida this Thursdayyy and move in on the 18th (Saturday) into Hume, my dorm. My roommate seems nice, judging by our constant facebook talk, hah. :) No really I'm excited and ready for the future to come.

Bring it on.
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